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Product Benefits

Thanks to this SigMann quality maxim, a SigMann is no worse for wear even after years of daily use. All this is ensured by high quality materials, highest precision workmanship, and stringent control procedures during and after the production process. Numerous benefits and advantages distinguish the brand SigMann and make our kitchens unique and unsurpassed.

Germany Quality

German quality, Preferring the best.

Attractive and innovative products are what SigMann' people expect from, products that are exemplary in technology, design, and quality. Continually meeting these high expectations is and always has been our main objective. Since the foundation of the company in 1993 we respect our heritage: The German Style integrated kitchen.

Think Green
Green environmental protection concept- ISO14024:1999
SigMann engages in building the green habitation environment, passed ISO14024:1999 international standard certification as a pioneer in the industry, passed one of the most authoritative international green product and environmental protection certification standards namely China National Environment Mark Product Certification, also called 10-ring certification, Protection Bureau strictly reviews that whether the products can reach the strict requirements of China national environmental protection code by document review, field check, sample testing and etc. 
As a corporate with strong social responsibility, in addition to observation of its own environmental protection standards (such as emission of hazardous substances), SigMann engages in advancing and requires our partners to build up the green and environmental protection habitation environment, and SigMann actively plays a role in protecting the earth, promotes sustainable development activities and becomes the environmental protection pioneer in the top cabinet industry. 
Quality Recognized

Since entry into China of the Asia Pacific Region, depending on the human-centered design concept, rigorous European quality standards and professional and exquisite attainment in the cabinet and wardrobe fields, SigMann with the pure Germany blood system has been favored and pursued by millions of middle and upper-class citizens and successful personage in the Asia Pacific Region and recommended and accepted by the authoritative bodies and industrial authoritative bodies of the Chinese government. Our customers can believe that, SigMann is unique and external cabinet brand, excellent design capability, continuous innovation and leading the trend. 

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